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Luxury Vortex

Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

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This is a stylish, Ceramic pure black mini aroma diffuser, suitable for your bedroom, bathroom, office, and other small rooms. 

The humidifier effectively decomposes water and oil into very small particles, which can absorb dust and unhealthy things in the air, release a large amount of oxygen negative ions, and help improve breathing.

A lot of fresh air helps those who suffer from dry cough, chapped skin, chapped lips, allergic sinus headaches, and sleep problems, reduces static shocks, and can also help you mask the smell of pets or smoking.

Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oils into the water, and then immediately scent in your room to create a beautiful aromatherapy spa in your own space.

The aroma of essential oils in the mist can help relieve stress, anxiety, relaxation, sleep, Headaches, and more, this Micro-type oil diffuser can help you easily get the aromatherapy benefits of fresh air.

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