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Luxury Vortex

Natural Plant Essential Oil Scented Candle

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Natural plant essential oil scented candles.  You will love how well these candles help you sleep.  Soy wax for purified air.  Smokeless Sleep Aromatherapy. 

Made with Swiss Givaudan imported spices, natural fragrance, safe and harmless.  Natural fragrance, mild and good smell, burning without smoke. 

Also made with cotton lead-free candlewick, with no irritating smell when burning.

Natural plant wax allows the fragrance to spread better and is more resistant to over burning.

Four amazing natural scents to choose from. Why not enjoy them all?

Essential oil aromatherapy wax tips:
  • Candle Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Increase the burning time: it is recommended to keep the candle wick at about 7mm, extinguish it after every 2 hours of burning, and trim the candle wick once.
  • Extinguish candles: It is forbidden to blow out the candles with your mouth. It is recommended to extinguish them with a lid or candle extinguisher. Please stop using when the candle is less than 2cm.
Product parameters:
Main ingredients: essential oil, vegetable wax
Product capacity:±120g
Product size: diameter 8.5cm, height 3cm
Burning time: about 13 hours
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