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Weaved Meditation Seat Cushion

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Create your sacred space with style and grace.  Are you starting a meditation practice?  Maybe you are a master meditator? 

Either way, upgrading your sacred space allows for higher vibes and inspiration to flow.

This Japanese Weaved Meditation/Yoga Cushion is a perfect addition to any room when you need to add more seating, a yoga studio, or seating near your altar and/or for meditation.  


  • Highly elastic pearl cotton filling, great elasticity, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • Natural materials are handmade, environmentally friendly, and healthy.
  • It is suitable for yoga meditation. It also serves as a home cushion, soft and comfortable.
  • Excellent workmanship, careful handling, tentacle comfort.

Materials: Cattail
Diameter: 40cm

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